Office Accessories: Electric and Power Solutions

Joyce Contract Interiors can provide you with a wide variety of power and data accessories from flush-mounted electrical, data, and audio-video hookups to portable power solutions for your various work areas.

Following is a small sampling of power, data, and audio-video accessories that are available from our company; please contact us if you have specific power needs for your conference room tables, collaborative work spaces, or private office desks.


Up-Tract – 1 power, 1 data pull up 3″ grommet. Power-coated steel and 72″ cord.

Electri-Wave – decorative 30″ trough with 12 power receptacles and a variety of data connectors.

Marina – video conferencing solution combing power with audio-visual components.

Oasis Power Unit – 30″ trough with 8 power receptacles and 6 telecom plate cutouts.

Oasis Mini Type A – 15″ trough with 6 power receptacles and 2 telecom plate cutouts.

Oasis Mini Type B – 15″ trough with 4 power receptables and 3 telecom plate cutouts.

Villa Series – flexible two part power data system. Power base mounted below worksurface and selection of table top grommets.

Villa Wireless – Villa grommet with eCoupled wireless power; two power above and two power below. Optional data.

Drifter – portable charging hub available in variety of finishes.

Island – octagonal 4 power or 2 power, 2 data configuration. Powder-coated steel.

Top Notch – flip up units available in power only or power and data. In black-textured or Silver Pearl.

Oasis Power Unit – 30″ trPower Bar – 6 outlet power strip with 10′ power cord.

Isle – mobile power solution for collaborative workspaces. 9 power and 6 USB ports. 108″ cord.

Island – octagonal 4 power Seclusion series – power and data. Can be mounted on or under table surfaces.

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