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Office Accessories: File and Storage Pedestals

Office configuration showing both under-worksurface File/File pedestals and mobile cushion-top Box/File pedestals

File and Storage Pedestals / Mobile Pedestals / Under-worksurface Pedestals


File and storage pedestals come in many styles and configurations for various office applications. Pedestals are available with one or more storage drawers (referred to as ‘boxes’) and/or one or two file drawers. Typical configurations are ‘Box/Box/File’, ‘File/File’ and ‘Box/File’. Pedestals with tops can be used stand-alone for storage, or with a cushion to provide additional seating. Pedestals can also be made mobile with casters (with or without a cushion). Under-worksurface pedestals (either open or closed-top) can be used in cubicles and collaborative areas and can be an integral part of the desk support (see our desking configurations for examples).

Typical dimensions for pedestals are: 15″ width, 27.5″ height and 20″, 24″ or 30″ depth. Most are also available with a keyed lock. If you need a particular size or pedestal configuration for your office, please contact us and we can help you find exactly what you need.

Partsco File/File mobile file pedestal
Partsco Box/Box/File mobile pedestal
Partsco under-worksurface  File/File pedestal
Partsco under-worksurface Box/Box/File pedestal

File/File mobile pedestal

Box/Box/File mobile pedestal

Box/File mobile pedestal with cushion top

Box/File mobile pedestal with cushion top

Padded storage pedestal
Padded mobile file pedestal
Padded mobile storage pedestal
Padded box file

Box/Box/File pedestal with cushion top

Box/File mobile pedestal with cushion top

Under-worksurface File/File pedestal

Under-worksurface Box/Box/File pedestal

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